Go Long 2022

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Go Long 2022

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My Go Long 2022 by the numbers:

6 days flying
3 days decking it within 10 miles
306 XC miles flown
14.7 hours airtime
0 times landing back at Wharton

Prior to this event my personal best XC distance was 36 miles. This week I had three flights that exceeded this (97, 86 and 91 miles). All the days I went long I got low earlyish (twice around Wallis) and the beginning was a struggle. Later on the cloudbase got higher and it was easier to put pieces of lift together. The last day, Saturday the 23rd, I didn't launch till after 2pm due to the over development in the morning. The other days that it worked for me I got off early and that seemed to be key as it tended to blue out around Wharton after about noon. Flying day after day with the morning briefings and discussion was such an amazing experience.

Thank you so much for the people that made this happen: Robin & Tiki, tug pilots Gregg and Rick, the many people helping with ground ops, our fantastic driver Mark, and the people sharing our ride and splitting costs: Read, Takeo, Masayo and Carl.
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Re: Go Long 2022

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My goodness it was a super fabulous week, and it was in no small part thanks to you Matt. Your behind the scenes hard work made a HUGE difference. You were definitely a driving force in all the preparation that went into getting ready for this event. The building of the A/C Office was a HUGE hit and lifesaver with everyone along with the a/c in the RV trailer you got working. For sure it was a team effort but it could not have come together so seamlessly without you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Read you too were instrumental in the preparations. Heck I thought we'd never get all those shade covering up, and helping with all the tracking and getting the computer working, donating the Mac Mini, working the launch line one day - OMG that was fabulous.

Makbule, was hugely instrumental in coordinating the retrieval crews. You were nothing short of awesome. All the pilots were so grateful for your effort and told me so. You took worked the launch line which was invaluable.

Thank you to HHPA for the wonderful ice breaker ya'll put on - what a hit that event turned out to be. Just the right amount food and drink. The chips in individual bags was brilliant, folks ate those all week long, along with all the beer. Thank you HHPA for the donation and to Read and Makbule for coordinating. Clean up was a breeze and I truly thank you for that.

Robin did a phenomenal job of calling destinations/goals and forecasting the weather was spot on. I know everyone appreciated the organization, motivation and inspiration Robin provided.

Of course the tug pilots deserve a great deal of credit. Some days were wildly turbulent but they hung in there like champs and got the job done. Thank Rick and Gregg.

Lastly, thank you to Henry who has always supported and donated his time to making all our events wonderful, and this as was no different. Henry you are very much are a treasure and much appreciated. Additionally, thank you SO very much to Sahaar who lives in New Mexico and took an entire week off work just to help with this event. Sahaar, your help was invaluable and I am so very thankful.

And though he was not physically here, Sir Richard too played a part in the background organization. Helping with trikes and DF prep and logistics on tug pilot and the fuel situation and organization. And even though I threw his favorite chair in the trash he allowed me to vent when necessary, which was VERY little. Since he had been down this road last year, he understood some of the pitfalls

With regard to logistics, organization and preparation this was the smoothest and most stress free event CU has ever hosted and it really had to do with this core group that I just mentioned. I don't know how to repay all of you - except to "allow" you to do it all again next year ;-)

I had a great time . . . Ya'll have my heart and I thank you, so very much.
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