HHPA Zoom Meeting Minutes January 12, 2021

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HHPA Zoom Meeting Minutes January 12, 2021

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HHPA Zoom Meeting
January 12, 2021
7:00 pm

-Matt McCleskey, President
-Efrain Garza, Vice President
-Makbule Baldik, Treasurer
-Tiki Mashy, Secretary
-Tyson Taylor, Safety Officer
-Bob Fisher
-Ellen McCleskey
-Hazem Arafeh
-Henry Wise
-Read Bixby
-Rich Diamond
-Robin Hamilton
-Tim Ladner

Safety Moment:

Rich Diamond relayed stories of videos of pilots not hooking in on Facebook. This all lead to stories of how we should all be looking out for each other while launching each other and even while we are in line behind someone on launch. Though there is little chance of aerotowing without hooking in, we should all still be vigilant in looking over each other’s gear on launch. And it was agreed, if you see something, say something. This was quite a lively conversation, with folks chiming in with other stories.

Treasurer Report:

Makbule said we have not spent any money nor have we taken money in, so we are still at $1902.55. All members dues are due this month. No matter when you joined, dues are always due at the beginning of the year. It was noted that Mark Moore is paid up until 2023. :)

Pay your dues here:

President Report:

USHPA Chapter renewal is due. Matt said that USHPA said our waiver is insufficient and he will find out what the proper language should be. We discussed using Smartwaiver which Tiki has offer to the club. Cowboy Up has a subscription and is willing to allow the club to share in that subscription. Matt will get her the language and links will be sent out to club members with subscription renewal.

2021 HHPA Elections:

Nominations were requested for the following positions:
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Safety Officer and WebMaster

Matt McCleskey was nominated (accepted the nomination) for President
Vote: unanimous

Efrain Garza was nominated (accepted the nomination) for Vice President
Vote: unanimous

Makbule Baldik was nominated (declined nomination) for Treasurer
Read Bixby was nominated (accepted the nomination) for Treasurer
Vote: unanimous

Tiki Mashy was nominated (accepted nomination) for Secretary
Vote: majority, one opposed (Tiki)

Rich Diamond was nominated (accepted nomination) for Safety Director
Vote: unanimous

Tyson Taylor was nominated (accepted nomination) for WebMaster
Vote: unaminous

NEW 2021 HHPA Officers:
President: Matt McCleskey
V-President: Efrain Garza
Treasurer: Read Bixby
Secretary: Tiki Mashy
Safety Officer: Rich Diamond
WebMaster: Tyson Taylor

Congratulations!! Thank you for serving.

Tiki relayed election information for the USHPA.


Parachute Clinic
Time for the annual repack clinic to be held at Cowboy Up since that is an outdoor venue which is being mindful of the Covid situation. Schedules it for March 20. More on this later and it will be posted on HHPA FB Page

Read suggested the club take a road trip to a foot launch site. Several sites were pitched to him with regard to what he had in mind, however he admitted that he had not thought it through so would make a plan and bring it up at the next meeting.

Tiki relayed a note from Eduardo who said that there is a contest in Colombia at the same time as the El Penon – Monarch Contest in Valle de Bravo Mexico. He also said that there is the Colombian Nationals in August if anyone is interested.

New we discussed when we have in person meetings again. It was decided that we would revisit this after the inception of the Covid vaccination is in full swing. However, it was agreed that we should continue with the Zoom meetings to allow access to members who live out of town.

Flight Reports:

Robin described the good conditions we have been having. The several 100 mile flights in November were of particular note. One interesting note is that because we are not use to having long flights in the winter we forget that the days are shorter and the nights are cooler. Robin relayed stories of having to wrap himself in his XC bag to stay warm while waiting for his retrieve after dark. He also said these days have months have had some good soaring and hopefully they will continue throughout the winter.

Robin gave more details of his flights, however, you should have attended the meeting in order to enjoy the story.

Other Business:

Bob Fisher said he would like a second Zoom meeting in February in order to describe an idea he has on how to aerotow paragliders. Apparently he has been working on this idea for a while and thinks it is “ready for primetime” and would like to trot it out to the public. Information on this lecture (time, date and details) will be available on the HHPA Facebook page and will open up the Zoom lecture to any interested folks.

Lastly this is just the bare bones of what was discussed. There was more details and insights imparted by Tiki our USHPA director, on what things are happening with USHPA and the new small Board. However it is too much to present in these minutes. You need to show up to the meeting. Tiki plans on giving the Club an update of USHPA business at each meeting however they won't be included in the minutes, you will need to attend the HHPA meetings if you want to hear the latest information – unless you decide to attend/listen-in on the once a month USHPA meetings personally.

End of Meeting.

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Re: HHPA Zoom Meeting Minutes January 12, 2021

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For footlaunch, the Guads are coming up next month. Great FL site. Camping top landing or a HUGE valley.

Depending on schedule and wx, I'll likely go for some full value camping and flying. Last year I hooked into what I believe was a wave and would like to try that again.

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